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The statutory boundaries of Harris County
The statutory boundaries of Harris County: "Beginning at the entrance of Clear creek into Galveston bay (A); thence running up said creek with the line of Galveston and Brazoria counties to where it crosses the upper line of a tract of land granted to W. R. Perry (B); thence to the head of Bray's bayou (C); thence in a direct line to the old crossing of Buffalo bayou (D); thence with the line of Waller county in a straight line to the head of Spring creek (E); thence down the same, with its meanders, to the San Jacinto (F); thence north 50° east to the western line of Liberty county (G); thence with said line to the head of Cedar bayou (H); thence down said bayou to its mouth (I); thence to Morgan's point (J), and with the meanders of the bay to the beginning." The boundaries changed a few times after the county's creation; the years by each segment indicate when that segment of the boundary was finalized.