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Original Works - All Rights Reserved

All material that appears on this site, including text, photographs, drawings, and maps, that is not credited to another source is our original work. It may not be copied, reused, or published without our permission. This includes reposting to Wikipedia, Usenet, and blogs. The reposting of short excerpts of text (i.e. fewer than 100 words) out of an article is acceptable, provided it is attributed to both the article's author and and a hyperlink is provided. For longer excerpts of text, or for any illustrations (photographs, drawings, maps, etc.), our permission must be obtained first.

Many illustrations on this site are labeled "" or captioned "All Rights Reserved" as a reminder that they are original works, but the absence of such a label or caption does not mean that they are not original or can be copied without our permission. Please contact us if you have any questions about the copyright status of material on this site before you use it.

Many of our map illustrations consist of a base map overlaid by labels, arrows, line drawings, etc. In such cases, the base map was obtained from public domain sources, such as the U.S. government, or acquired via a license, such as Google Maps. The overlays and the resulting illustrations are our original work and may not be copied, reused, or published without our permission.

External Works - Public Domain

All satellite images and high-altitude aerial photographs appearing on this site, unless otherwise indicated, were produced by the U.S. government and are therefore in the public domain under Title 17, Chapter 1, Part 105 of the U.S. Code. Similarly, all modern or recent maps appearing on this site, unless otherwise indicated, were produced by the U.S. government and are in the public domain.

Most historic maps and some other illustrations appearing on this site are in the public domain either because they were never copyrighted, their copyrights have expired, and/or they were produced by the U.S. government.

A caption reading "Public Domain" appears under or alongside most of the public domain works on this site. Any documents or illustrations so indicated may be freely copied, reused, and republished by anyone, for any purpose.

The absence of a "Public Domain" caption does not necessarily mean that the work is not in the public domain. Generally speaking, all maps or historic illustrations (more than 100 years old) appearing on this site that are presented as stand-alone works (i.e. not overlaid with our own labels, drawings, arrows, etc.) are in the public domain, unless otherwise indicated. If you have any questions about whether material on this site is in the public domain, please contact us before using it.

External Works - Other

All material on this site that is neither original to nor in the public domain has been reproduced here with the copyright owner's permission, either via a Creative Commons license or by their explicit permission. If you wish to copy, reuse, or publish it, you should obtain your own permission from the copyright owner. While Creative Commons licenses are transferrable, you are responsible for your insuring own compliance.

The operators of have been thorough and diligent about respecting other peoples' copyrights and not using their protected material without their permission. If you believe we have made an error, please contact us with as detailed of an explanation as possible including what the material is, where we have used it, and why our justification for using it is wrong. Vague, blanket statement such as "Your site contains material that violates our copyrights" will be interpreted as trolling/scamming and will possibly result in complaints to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and/or the relevant state attorneys general. Please note that filing false DMCA takedown notices is a violation of U.S. copyright law and makes the filer liable for damages, including attorneys' fees.

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