County Name Etymologies

Summary of County Names and Etymologies

Of the 254 counties in Texas, 14 were named after their original county seats. Of the remaining 240, 199 were named after people, and 27 were named after geographic features, such as rivers. The other 15 have miscellaneous names in English, Spanish, or Indian languages.

Of the 199 counties named after people:

  • 66 are named after men who fought against Mexico in the Texas Revolution. This includes 11 counties named after 13 men who died at the Alamo - including a trio of brothers.
  • 58 are named after men who held public office in the Republic of Texas. 18 of those were also soldiers in the Texas Revolution.
  • 54 are named after men who held public office in the state of Texas. 27 of those also fought in the Texas Revolution and/or held office in the Republic.
  • 66 counties are named after people who aren't in the above three groups. This includes Texas Rangers, Confederate soldiers, U.S. presidents and other office holders, figures from Spain or Mexico, businessmen and landowners, and others.
  • No Texas counties are named directly after women, but three counties are named for things named after women - the Angelina River, the Guadalupe River, and Mission Nuestra Señora del Refugio.

County Name Groups

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In the list below, a county name in normal font indicates the primary source of the name. Italics are used to indicate a secondary source of the county name. For example:

  • Austin County was named for Stephen F. Austin, whose career as a colonist earned him the title, "The Father of Texas." In addition to being a colonist, he had brief stints as army commander and commissioner to the United States. Austin County is listed in normal font under "Colonists in Spanish Texas" and in italics under "Other Texas Revolution Soldiers" and "Republic of Texas officeholders."
  • Brazos County was named for the Brazos River. "Brazos" is a Spanish word. Brazos is listed in normal font in the "Geographic features" list and in italics under "Spanish words and names."

The numbers after the group names indicate the number of counties in that group as a primary source, and the total number . For example (2, 8) indicates 2 counties that are in the group as a primary source, and 8 total.

Colonists in Spanish Texas (6)

Austin, Bastrop, DeWitt, Edwards, McMullen, Robertson

Prominent Mexicans and Officials of New Spain (2, 8)

Goliad, Gonzales, Hidalgo, Leon, San Augustine, Uvalde, Victoria, Zavala

Texans killed at the Alamo (10, 11)

Bailey, Bowie, Cochran, Cottle, Crockett, Dickens, Floyd, King, Lynn, Taylor, Travis

Other Texas Revolution soldiers (30, 55)

Andrews, Austin, Bell, Brewster, Briscoe, Brown, Burleson, Caldwell, Coleman, Collingsworth, Cooke, Coryell, Dawson, Deaf Smith, Dimmit, Duval, Eastland, Erath, Fannin, Franklin, Glasscock, Grayson, Hale, Hall, Harrison, Haskel, Hockley, Houston, Jack, Jones, Karnes, Kent, Kimble, Kleberg, Lamar, Lamb, Lubbock, McCulloch, Martin, Maverick, Milam, Mitchell, Motley, Parker, Rusk, Shackelford, Sherman, Smith, Somervell, Swisher, Tom Green, Waller, Ward, Wharton, Williamson

Texas Declaration of Independence signers (3, 23)

Briscoe, Caldwell, Childress, Coleman, Collin, Collingsworth, Houston, Roberts, Ellis, Fisher, Gaines, Grimes, Hardeman, Maverick, Menard, Motley, Navarro, Parmer, Potter, Robertson, Swisher, Waller, Zavala

Republic of Texas presidents (4)

Burnet, Houston, Jones, Lamar

Other Republic of Texas officeholders (34, 54)

Anderson, Archer, Austin, Bee, Brewster, Burleson, Carson, Collingsworth, Cooke, Ellis, Erath, Fisher, Franklin, Grayson, Grimes, Hall, Hansford, Hardeman, Hemphill, Henderson, Hill, Hockley, Howard, Hudspeth, Hunt, Hutchinson, Irion, Jack, Johnson, Kinney, Lipscomb, Martin, Maverick, Menard, Mills, Morris, Navarro, Ochiltree, Parker, Potter, Rains, Robertson, Rusk, Sherman, Somervell, Starr, Tarrant, Tom Green, Van Zandt, Webb, Wharton, Wheeler, Williamson, Zavala

Texas governors (6, 8)

Bell, Coke, Henderson, Houston, Jim Hogg, Roberts, Runnels, Wood

U.S. Congressmen and Senators from Texas (5, 16)

Bell, Coke, Culberson, Ector, Hemphill, Henderson, Houston, Howard, Hudspeth, Kaufman, Maverick, Ochiltree, Reagan, Rusk, Schleicher, Scurry

Other state and local officeholders (19, 34)

Brewster, Burnet, Camp, Crosby, Donley, Erath, Gaines, Glasscock, Gray, Grimes, Jim Wells, Kerr, Lipscomb, Montague, Moore, Parker, Rains, Reagan, Real, Reeves, Schleicher, Scurry, Smith, Tarrant, Terrell, Titus, Waller, Ward, Webb, Wheeler, Willacy, Williamson, Wilson, Winkler

Texas Rangers (12, 15)

Baylor, Brooks, Callahan, Eastland, Gillespie, Hays, Johnson, Kendall, Kerr, Lubbock, McCulloch, Robertson, Sutton, Terry, Walker

Confederate soldiers from Texas (9, 13)

Ector, Foard, Gregg, Hood, McCulloch, Reeves, Schleicher, Scurry, Terrell, Tom Green, Upton, Wharton, Winkler

Prominent Texas landowners, ranchers, businessmen (6, 8)

Borden, Glasscock, Harris, Kenedy, Maverick, Menard, Montague, Zapata

Other Texans (13, 14)

Cameron, Castro, Chambers, Crane, Dallam, Denton, Loving, McLennan, Mason, Oldham, Sterling, Yoakum, Young, Zapata

U.S. Revolutionary War figures (4, 6)

Fayette, Jasper, Knox, Marion, Newton, Washington

U.S. presidents (6)

Jackson, Jefferson, Madison, Polk, Tyler, Washington

Other U.S. officeholders (9, 13)

Calhoun, Carson, Cass, Clay, Crockett, Houston, Dallas, Jeff Davis, Knox, Lamar, Stephens, Upshur, Wise

Other people (8, 12)

Galveston, Hamilton, La Salle, Lee, Montgomery, Nolan, Randall, San Patricio, San Saba, Shelby, Stonewall, Throckmorton

Siblings and Families (13)

Armstrong, Garza, Hardeman, Hardin, Hartley, Hopkins, Jack, Mitchell, Roberts, Taylor, Upton, Wharton, Wilbarger

Geographic features (27, 29)

Angelina, Aransas, Atascosa, Bandera, Blanco, Bosque, Brazoria, Brazos, Colorado, Comal, Concho, El Paso, Falls, Frio, Guadalupe, Lampasas, Lavaca, Llano, Medina, Nueces, Palo Pinto, Pecos, Red River, Rockwall, Sabine, San Jacinto, San Saba, Trinity, Uvalde

Named after the county seat (14)

Brazoria, Galveston, Goliad, Gonzales, Liberty, Mason, Midland, Montgomery, Nacogdoches, Refugio, Rockwall, San Augustine, San Patricio, Victoria

English words (6, 12)

Delta, Falls, Fort Bend, Freestone, Liberty, Limestone, Live Oak, Midland, Orange, Red River, Rockwall, Trinity

Spanish words and names (4, 29)

Angelina, Aransas, Atascosa, Bandera, Bexar, Blanco, Bosque, Brazoria, Brazos, Colorado, Comal, Concho, El Paso, Frio, Guadalupe, Lampasas, Lavaca, Llano, Matagorda, Medina, Nueces, Palo Pinto, Pecos, Presidio, Refugio, Sabine, San Jacinto, Val Verde

Indian words and names (4, 5)

Cherokee, Comanche, Nacogdoches, Panola, Wichita

Table of Texas County Names and Etymologies

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RankNameNamed ForAdditional Information
1AndersonK.L. Anderson (1805-45)4th vice president of Texas
2AndrewsRichard Andrews (?-1835)Texian soldier killed at Battle of Concepcion
3Angelinathe Angelina RiverAngelina ("little angel"), Spanish missionaries' nickname for a woman of the Hasani tribe
4Aransasthe Aransas RiverAranzazu is a Spanish Basque word meaning "thorny place."
5ArcherBranch T. Archer (1790-1856)Republic speaker of the House, secretary of war, commissioner to the U.S.
6Armstronga Texas pioneer family, now unknown
7Atascosathe Atascosa RiverSpanish for "boggy"
8AustinStephen F. Austin (1793-1836)Empresario, Texian commander-in-chief, Republic secretary of state, commissioner to the U.S.
9BaileyPeter James Bailey III (1812-36)Alamo defender
10Banderathe Bandera MountainsSpanish for "flag"
11BastropFelipe Enrique Neri, Baron de Bastrop (1759-1827)Colonial official
12BaylorHenry W. Baylor (1818-54)Texas Ranger
13BeeBarnard E. Bee Sr. (1787-1853)Republic cabinet official and ambassador
14BellPeter H. Bell (1812-98)3rd governor of Texas, Texian soldier, U.S. Congressman
15BexarBejar, the hometown of the Spanish viceroy
16BlancoBlanco RiverSpanish for "white"
17BordenGail Borden Jr. (1801-74)News publisher and inventor
18BosqueBosque RiverSpanish for "woods"
19BowieJames Bowie (1796-1836)Alamo defender and co-commander
20Brazoriathe county seatNamed for the Brazos River
21Brazosthe Brazos RiverSpanish for "arms"
22BrewsterHenry P. Brewster (1816-84)Texian soldier, interim Republic secretary of war, state attorney general
23BriscoeAndrew Briscoe (1810-49)Texian soldier and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence
24BrooksJames Brooks (1855-1944)Texas Ranger
25BrownHenry S. Brown (1793-1834)Texian soldier in the Battle of Velasco
26BurlesonEdward Burleson (1798-1851)Texian army commander, 2nd vice president of Texas
27BurnetDavid G. Burnet (1788-1870)Interim president, 2nd vice president, 1st state secretary of state
28CaldwellMatthew Caldwell (1798-42)Texian soldier and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence
29CalhounJohn C. Calhoun (1782-1850)U.S. Senator, vice president, secretary of war
30CallahanJames H. Callahan (1812-56)Texas Ranger
31CameronEwen Cameron (1811-43)Texas Republic soldier
32CampJohn L. Camp (1828-91)Texas state senator
33CarsonSamuel P. Carson (1798-1838)Interim secretary of state, Congressman from North Carolina
34CassLewis Cass (1782-1866)U.S. Senator from Michigan
35CastroHenri Castro (1786-1865)Republic of Texas empresario
36ChambersThomas Jefferson Chambers (1802-65)Pre-revolution surveyor and attorney
37Cherokeethe Cherokee tribe
38ChildressGeorge C. Childress (1804-41)Texas Declaration of Independence author and signer
39ClayHenry Clay (1825-29)U.S. Senator and secretary of state
40CochranRobert E. Cochran (1810-36)Alamo defender
41CokeRichard Coke (1829-97)U.S. Senator, 15th governor
42ColemanRobert M. Coleman (1799-1837)Texian soldier and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence
43CollinCollin McKinney (1766-1861)Texas Declaration of Independence author and signer
44CollingsworthJames Collinsworth (1806-38)Texas Declaration of independence signer, soldier, interim Republic secretary of state, chief justice
45Coloradothe Colorado RiverSpanish for "red"
46Comalthe Comal RiverSpanish for "basin"
47Comanchethe Comanche tribe
48Conchothe Concho RiverSpanish for "shell"
49CookeWilliam G. Cooke (1808-47)Soldier in the Revolution and Republic, secretary of war
50CoryellJames Coryell (1803-37)Texian soldier and explorer
51CottleGeorge Washington Cottle (1811-36)Alamo defender
52CraneWilliam C. Crane (1816-85)President of Baylor University
53CrockettDavid Crockett (1786-1836)Alamo defender, U.S. Congressman from Tennessee, folk hero
54CrosbyStephen Crosby (1808-69)State general land office commissioner
55CulbersonDavid B. Culberson (1830-1900)U.S. Congressman from Texas
56DallamJames W. Dallam (1818-47)Legal scholar
57DallasGeorge M. Dallas11th U.S. vice president (under Polk)
58DawsonNicholas M. Dawson (1800-42)Texian officer at San Jacinto
59Deaf SmithErastus "Deaf" Smith (1787-1837)Texian soldier, Alamo courier
60Deltathe county's triangular shape
61DentonJohn B. Denton (1806-41)Indian fighter
62DeWittGreen DeWitt (1787-1835)Empresario
63DickensJames R. Dimpkins (?-1836)Alamo defender
64DimmitPhilip Dimmitt (1801-41)Texian soldier, Alamo scout
65DonleyStockton P. Donley (1821-71)State Supreme Court justice
66DuvalBurr H. DuVal (1809-36)Texian soldier, killed at Goliad
67EastlandWilliam M. Eastland (1806-1843)Texian soldier and Texas Ranger
68EctorMatthew Ector (1822-79)U.S. Congressman and Confederate general
69EdwardsHayden Edwards (1771-1849)Empresario, declared Republic of Fredonia
70EllisRichard Ellis (1781-1846)Declaration of Independence signer, Republic Senator
71El Pasoa local mountain passEl Paso del Norte, Spanish for "the northern pass"
72ErathGeorge B. Erath (1813-91)Texian soldier, Republic congressman, state legislator
73Fallsfalls on the Brazos River
74FanninJames W. Fannin (1805-36)Goliad martyr
75FayetteLafayette (1757-1834)American Revolutionary War general
76FisherSamuel Rhoads Fisher (1794-1839)Texas Declaration of Independence signer, secretary of navy
77FloydDolphin W. Floyd (1804-36)Alamo defender
78FoardRobert L. Foard (1831-98)Texas officer in Confederate army
79Fort Bendblockhouse (small fort) on a river bend
80FranklinBenjamin C. Franklin (1805-73)Texian soldier, Republic judge, state legislator
81Freestonea stone used in masonryPeaches were not grown in Texas until 25+ years after the county was named.
82Friothe Frio RiverSpanish for "cold"
83GainesJames T. Gaines (1776-1856)Texas Declaration of Independence signer, Republic senator
84Galvestonthe county seatViceroy Bernardo de Galvez
85Garzafamily of Jose Antonio de la Garza (1776-1851)prominent San Antonio family
86GillespieRobert A. Gillespie (1815-46)Texas Ranger
87GlasscockGeorge Washington Glasscock (1810-68)Texian soldier, landowner, state legislator
88Goliadthe county seatAnagram of (H)idalgo, who inspired the Mexican War of Independence
89Gonzalesthe county seatMexican governor Rafael Gonzales
90GrayPeter W. Gray (1819-74)Texas legislator, supreme court justice, Confederate representative
91GraysonPeter W. Grayson (1788-1838)Texian soldier, Republic attorney general
92GreggJohn Gregg (1828-1864)Texas officer in Confederate army
93GrimesJesse Grimes (1788-1866)Texas Declaration of Independence signer, Republic senator, state legislator
94Guadalupethe Guadalupe RiverOur Lady of Guadalupe, Mexican icon
95HaleJohn C. Hale (1806-36)Texian soldier, killed at San Jacinto
96HallWarren D.C. Hall (1788-1867)Texian soldier, Republic secretary of war
97HamiltonJames Hamilton Jr. (1786-1857)Governor of South Carolina, gave financial aid to the Republic
98HansfordJohn M. Hansford (?-1844)Republic congressman and judge
99HardemanBailey (1795-1836) and T.J. Hardeman (1788-1854)Republic officeholders
100Hardinfamily of William Hardin (1801-39)Prominent citizens of Anahuac, Liberty, and Galveston
101HarrisJohn R. Harris (1790-1829)Settler and businessman
102HarrisonJonas Harrison (1777-1836)Texian soldier
103HartleyOliver C. (1823-59) and Rufus K. HartleyState supreme court reporters
104HaskellCharles R. Haskell (1817-36)Texian soldier, killed at Goliad
105HaysJohn C. Hays (1817-83)Texas Ranger captain
106HemphillJohn Hemphill (1803-62)Republic supreme court chief justice, U.S. Senator
107HendersonJames Pinckney Henderson (1808-58)Republic attorney general, secretary of state, 1st governor, U.S. Senator
108HidalgoMiguel Hidalgo (1753-1811)Inspired the Mexican War for Independence
109HillGeorge Washington Hill (1814-1860)Republic secretary of war, secretary of navy
110HockleyGeorge Washington Hockley (1802-51)Texian soldier, Republic secretary of war
111HoodJohn Bell Hood (1831-79)Confederate officer from Texas
112Hopkinsfamily of David Hopkins (1825-1906)settlers
113HoustonSam Houston (1793-1863)Governor of Tennessee, Texian army commander, 1st and 3rd president, 7th governor, U.S. Senator
114HowardVolney E. Howard (1809-89)State attorney general, U.S. Congressman
115HudspethClaude B. Hudspeth (1877-1941)State legislator, U.S. Congressman
116HuntMemucan Hunt Jr. (1807-56)Republic minister to U.S., secretary of navy
117HutchinsonAnderson Hutchinson (1798-1853)Republic judge
118IrionRobert A. Irion (1804-61)Republic secretary of state
119JackPatrick (1808-44) and William (1806-44) JackTexas revolutionaries and Republic congressmen
120JacksonAndrew Jackson (1767-1845)7th U.S. president
121JasperWilliam Jasper (1750-79)Hero of the American Revolution
122Jeff DavisJefferson Davis (1808-89)President of the Confederacy, U.S. secretary of war, Senator from Mississippi
123JeffersonThomas Jefferson (1743-1826)3rd U.S. president
124Jim HoggJames S. Hogg (1851-1906)State attorney general, 20th governor
125Jim WellsJames B. Wells Jr. (1850-1923)State judge and party boss
126JohnsonMiddleton Tate Johnson (1810-66)Republic congressman, Texas Ranger
127JonesAnson Jones (1798-1858)4th Texas president, Republic secretary of state, surgeon in Texian army
128KarnesHenry W. Karnes (1812-40)Texian soldier at Battles of Bexar and San Jacinto
129KaufmanDavid S. Kaufman (1813-51)U.S. Congressman from Texas
130KendallGeorge W. Kendall (1809-67)Texas Ranger and war correspondent
131KenedyMiflin Kenedy (1818-95)rancher
132KentAndrew Kent (179?-1836)Alamo defender
133KerrJoseph Kerr (1790-1850)Texas Ranger, Republic congressman
134KimbleGeorge C. Kimball (1803-36)Alamo defender, led Gonzales relief force
135KingWilliam P. King (1820-36)Alamo defender
136KinneyHenry Kinney (1814-62)Republic congressman, Mexican-American war soldier
137KlebergRobert J. Kleberg (1803-88)Texian solder at San Jacinto
138KnoxHenry Knox (1750-1806)1st U.S. secretary of war
139LamarMirabeau B. Lamar (1798-1859)2nd Republic president, Texian soldier, Republic soldier, U.S. ambassador to Nicaragua
140LambGeorge A. Lamb (1814-36)Texian soldier, died at San Jacinto
141Lampasasthe Lampasas RiverSpanish for "lillies"
142La SalleRobert La Salle (1643-87)French explorer
143Lavacathe Lavaca RiverSpanish for "the cow"
144LeeRobert E. Lee (1807-1870)Confederate general
145LeonMartin De Leon (1765-1833)Empresario
146Libertythe county seatEnglish translation of the Spanish town "Libertad"
147Limestonethe indigenous rock
148LipscombAbner S. Lipscomb (1789-1856)Republic attorney general, state supreme court justice
149Live Oakthe indigenous tree
150Llanothe Llano RiverSpanish for "plains"
151LovingOliver Loving (1812-67)trail driver
152LubbockThomas S. Lubbock (1817-62)Texian soldier, Texas Ranger, Confederate officer
153LynnWilliam Linn (?-1836)Alamo defender
154McCullochBenjamin McCulloch (1811-62)Texian soldier, Texas Ranger, Confederate general
155McLennanNeil McLennan (1777?-1867)settler
156McMullenJohn McMullen (1785-1853)colonist
157MadisonJames Madison (1751-1836)4th U.S. president
158MarionFrancis Marion (1732-95)American Revolutionary War officer
159MartinWylie Martin (1776-1842)Texian army officer, Republic Congressman
160Masonthe county seatFort Mason, named for a casualty of the Mexican-American War
161Matagordathe once-indigenous canebrakesSpanish for "thick bush"
162MaverickSamuel Maverick (1803-70)Texian soldier, Texas Declaration of Independence signer, land baron, mayor of San Antonio, Republic congressman, U.S. Congressman
163Medinathe Medina RiverRiver named after Spanish engineer Pedro Medina
164MenardMichael B. Menard (1805-56)Declaration of Independence signer, Republic Congressman, founded city of Galveston
165Midlandthe county seatMidway between Fort Worth and El Paso
166MilamBen Milam (1788-1835)Led Texian volunteers in the Battle of Bexar
167MillsJohn T. Mills (1817-71)Republic supreme court justice
168MitchellAsa (1795-1865) and Eli (1797-1870) MitchellBrothers, settlers, Texian soldiers, Republic officeholders
169MontagueDaniel Montague (1798-1876)Surveyor, land owner, state senator
170Montgomerythe county seatFor Montgomery County, Alabama, in turn named for U.S. Major Lemuel P. Montgomery
171MooreEdwin W. Moore (1810-65)Commander of Republic navy
172MorrisWilliam W. Morris (1805-83)State judge and legislator
173MotleyJunius W. Mottley (1812?-36)Texian soldier and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence
174Nacogdochesthe county seatThe Nacodoche tribe
175NavarroJose Antonio Navarro (1795-1871)Signer of Texas Declaration of Independence, Republic Congressman
176NewtonJohn Newton (1755-80)American Revolution soldier
177NolanPhilip Nolan (1771-1801)American filibuster in Texas
178Nuecesthe Nueces RiverSpanish for "nuts"
179OchiltreeWilliam B. Ochiltree (1811-67)Republic judge, secretary of treasury, U.S. Congressman
180OldhamWilliam S. Oldham (1813-68)Confederate Senator from Texas
181Orangean orange grove planted by settlers
182Palo Pintothe Palo Pinto CreekSpanish for "painted stick"
183PanolaChoctaw for "cotton"
184ParkerIsaac Parker (1793-1883)Texian soldier, Republic Congressman, state legislator
185ParmerMartin Parmer (1778-1850)Early Texas rebel, Texas Declaration of Independence signer
186Pecosthe Pecos RiverSpanish word of unknown origin and meaning
187PolkJames K. Polk (1795-1849)11th U.S. president
188PotterRobert Potter (1800-42)U.S. Congressman from Tennessee, Texas Declaration of Independence signer, Republic secretary of navy, Congressman
189PresidioPresidio del NorteA Spanish fort across the Rio Grande
190RainsEmory Rains (1800-78)Republic senator, state legislator
191RandallHorace Randal (1833-64)Confederate army colonel
192ReaganJohn H. Reagan (1818-1905)U.S. Congressman, Confederate cabinet member, state railroad commissioner
193RealJulius Real (1860-1944)State legislator
194Red Riverthe Red River
195ReevesGeorge R. Reeves (1826-82)State legislator, Confederate colonel
196Refugiothe county seatMission Nuestra Senora del Refugio
197Robertsbrothers Oran M. Roberts (1815-98) and John S. Roberts (1796-1871)17th governor; Declaration of Independence signer
198RobertsonSterling C. Robertson (1820-79)Empresario, signer of Texas Declaration of Independence, Texas Ranger, Republic Congressman
199Rockwallthe county seatSubterranean rock formation
200RunnelsHardin R. Runnels (1820-73)6th governor
201RuskThomas Jefferson Rusk (1803-57)Texian general, Republic secretary of war and congressman, U.S. Senator
202Sabinethe Sabine RiverSpanish for "cypress"
203San Augustinethe county seatViceroy Agustin de Ahumada
204San Jacintothe battle of San Jacintoriver named after Saint Hyacinth
205San Patriciothe county seatSaint Patrick
206San Sabathe San Saba RiverSaint Sabbas
207SchleicherGustav Schleicher (1823-79)State legislator, Confederate officer, U.S. Congressman
208ScurryWilliam R. Scurry (1821-64)Confederate general, Republic congressman, U.S. Congressman
209ShackelfordJack Shackelford (1790-1857)Texian army officer, survived Goliad massacre
210ShelbyIsaac Shelby (1750-1826)Governor of Kentucky, War of 1812 hero
211ShermanSidney Sherman (1805-73)Texian army officer, Republic army officer, Republic congressman
212SmithJames Smith (1792-1854)Texian army officer, Republic general, state legislator
213SomervellAlexander Somervell (1796-1854)Texian soldier, Republic cabinet member, congressman, officer
214StarrJames H. Starr (1809-90)Republic secretary of the treasury, Confederate official
215StephensAlexander H. Stephens (1812-83)Confederate vice president, U.S. Congressman from Georgia
216SterlingW.S. Sterling (?-1881?)Buffalo hunter and indian fighter
217Stonewall"Stonewall" Jackson (1824-63)Confederate general
218SuttonJ. S. Sutton (1817?-62)Republic army soldier, Texas Ranger
219SwisherJames G. Swisher (1794-1862)Texian soldier, signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence
220TarrantEdward H. Tarrant (1799-1858)Republic congressman, state legislator, indian fighter
221TaylorEdward (1812-36), James (1814-36), and George (1816-36) TaylorBrothers who died at the Alamo
222TerrellAlexander W. Terrell (1827-1912)Confederate officer, state legislator
223TerryFrank Terry (1821-61)Texas Rangers officer
224ThrockmortonWilliam E. Throckmorton (1795-1843)Settler, father of governor
225TitusAndrew J. Titus (1814-55)State legislator
226Tom GreenTom Green (1814-64)Texian soldier, Republic congressman, secretary of state, Confederate general from Texas
227TravisWilliam B. Travis (1809-36)Texian commander at the Alamo
228Trinitythe Trinity RiverNamed after the Holy Trinity
229TylerJohn Tyler (1790-1862)10th U.S. president
230UpshurAbel P. Upshur (1790-1844)U.S. secretary of the Navy, secretary of state
231UptonJohn C. (1828-1862 and William F. (1832-87) UptonBrothers who were Confederate officers from Texas
232UvaldeUvalde CanyonSpanish general Juan de Ugalde
233Val Verdethe Battle of ValverdeSpanish for "green valley"
234Van ZandtIsaac Van Zandt (1813-47)Republic congressman and ambassador to the U.S.
235Victoriathe county seatGuadalupe Victoria, 1st president of Mexico
236WalkerSamuel H. Walker (1817-47)Texas Ranger, firearm inventor
237WallerEdwin Waller (1800-81)Texian soldier, signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, Austin city planner and mayor
238WardThomas W. Ward (1807-72)Texian soldier, mayor of Austin, state land office commissioner
239WashingtonGeorge Washington (1732-99)1st U.S. president
240WebbJames Webb (1792-1856)Republic cabinet official and congressman, state judge and secretary of state
241WhartonWilliam H. (1802-39) and John A. (1828-65) WhartonFather (diplomat, Texian soldier, commissioner to the U.S., Republic senator) and son (Confederate general)
242WheelerRoyall T. Wheeler (1810-1864)Republic and state Supreme Court justice
243Wichitathe Wichita tribe
244WilbargerJosiah P. (1801-45) and Mathias (1807?-53) WilbargerBrothers. Josiah became famous for living 11 years after being scalpled
245WillacyJohn G. Willacy (1859-1943)State legislator
246WilliamsonRobert A. Williamson (1804?-59)Texian officer, Republic congressman and justice, state legislator
247WilsonJames C. Wilson (1816-61)Republic soldier, state legislator
248WinklerClinton M. Winkler (1821-82)State legislator and judge, Confederate officer
249WiseHenry A. Wise (1806-76)U.S. Congressman from Virginia, governor of Virginia, Confederate general
250WoodGeorge T. Wood (1795-1858)2nd governor
251YoakumHenderson K. Yoakum (1810-56)Texas historian
252YoungWilliam C. Young (1812-62)Republic and U.S. soldier and U.S. marhsall
253ZapataAntonio Zapata y Cisneros (1800-40)Post-Independence rebel against Santa Anna
254ZavalaLorenzo de Zavala (1788-1836)Empresario, Mexican governor, Texas Declaration of Independence signer, interim Republic vice-president