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James C. Neill was lieutenant colonel of artillery in the Texian army at the Battle of Bexar. The Texians fought Mexican General Cós to a surrender on December 10, 1835 and Cós took his army out of San Antonio, leaving the town in control of the Texians. The Texians expected the Mexican army to return, but they didn't expect that to happen soon. Many, including General Edward Burleson, left San Antonio starting in December. Some went to go find other Mexicans to fight. Many had volunteered in October, November, or December to serve in the army for three months, and took the opportunity from their discharges to go back to their homes. Neill was left in command of about 110 men, most of whom had recently immigrated to Texas and did not yet have homes there.

signature of James C. Neill
Figure 1. Signature of James C. Neill.

Original muster roll
Figure 2. Specimen of Neill's muster roll purported to be the original, in his handwriting (enlarge).

Figure 3. Copy of Neill's muster roll in the GLO archives (enlarge).

During January and February, some reinforcements arrived. The companies of men brought by James Bowie, Philip Dimmitt, William B. Travis, and David Crockett raised the size of the garrison - which was still simultaneously losing some of the men who fought against Cós - up to about 150. Then Neill received word that his entire family in Bastrop had fallen ill. On February 11, he took a leave of absence, placing the San Antonio garrison under the temporary command of Lt. Colonel Travis. On February 23, while Neill was still gone, Santa Anna's army arrived. Travis and his men, plus a few residents of San Antonio who opposed the dictator, took shelter in the makeshift fortress where they would make their stand - the Alamo.

At some point during his two months in command at San Antonio, Neill made a muster roll of the men serving under him. According to the heading on the document, it was made "at the time when Col. Neil left." It does not, however, have the names of Travis, Bowie, Crockett, or any of the men who arrived with them. It also does not have the names of many men who voted in an election for convention delegates on February 1. A careful study of the names on the roll indicates that it had to have been made on or before January 14.1 The most logical assumption is that Neill made it upon or shortly after assuming command. It is probably the same document he enclosed with a letter he sent to the provisional government on January 6, in which he praised the men under his service and wrote, "they whose names are herewith inclosed [sic] are to a man those who acted So gallant in the 10 weeks open field Campaign..."2

There are two surviving specimens of Neill's muster roll. One is a copy that was made after the revolution (see the document here). It is part of a collection of muster rolls from the Texas Revolution in the archives of the Texas General Land Office. It originally contained the names of 110 men: 9 staff and field officers, a 3-man ordnance department, 56 artillerymen, and 42 infantrymen. Tears have removed 8 names completely and partially removed about a dozen more. The other specimen is said to be the original document made by Colonel Neill himself.3 Only the first folio of the original, containing 51 names, survives, but, fortunately, they include all eight of the names missing from the other specimen, and all but two of the other damaged names. The two copies have the same names, in the same order, with one exception: surgeon Amos Pollard, who is documented by his own letters to have been in San Antonio on January 16, is not on the original specimen, but he is on the later copy. The handwriting is not fully legible on either copy, so some of the names are uncertain. In several cases, the handwriting of one copy is used to interpret the other. There are a few spelling variations between the two versions. Many are varations on the same pronunciation, but some variations change the name significantly, such as Duel becoming Dust, and Pevehouse becoming Preehouse.

The table below contains our transcription of both specimens of Neill's muster roll. "Do" is an abbreviation for "ditto," or "same as above," which is also sometimes indicated by quotation marks. The third column, "Normalized Name," is the preferred version of the name on, and is the one used consistently throughout our articles and tables, no matter how it appears on a given source document. In most cases, it is the man's name as it appears on official government paperwork, such as land grants. The fourth column, Status, shows whether the man was killed in the battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836 or, if not, what became of him.

Note: although every effort has been made to be accurate, it is possible that we have missed something or made a copy-and-paste error or typo. If you spot something wrong, please contact us.

Transcription of Colonel Neill's Muster Roll

GLO Copy
Normalized Name

Return of the men remaining in the Garrison of Bexar at the time which when Col. Neil Left. Those marked * were not present when the Texian troops stormed the town4

Return, made by Col. J. C. Neil, of the men remaining in the garrison of Bexar when he left.

Staff & Field Officers

Field and Staff Officers
1Lieut. Coln. J. C. Neil,commdJ. C. Neil   Lieut Colonel, commandingNeill, James C.voted on 2/1, left on 2/11/1836
2Major G. B. Jamison, EngineerJ. B. Jamison   Maj.Jamison, Green B.KIB on 3/6
3S. Melton — Q. MasterE. Melton   Qr. MasterMelton, ElielKIB on 3/6
4J. Baugh — AdjutantJ. Baugh   AdjutantBaugh, John J.KIB on 3/6
5A. Anderson — Q. Mast. Sergt.A. Anderson   Qr. Master Sergt.Anderson, A.KIB on 3/6
6H. J. Williamson — Seargt MajorH. J. Williams   Sergt. MajorWilliamson, Hiram J.KIB on 3/6
7J. Fitch — Instt of ArtyJ. Fitch   Inst. of Art.Fitch, Jabezdischarged, voted on 2/1, survived the revolution
8W. M. W. Hart — Assistant SurgeonW. H. W. Hart   Asst. SurgeonHart, William M. W.unknown
9Amos Pollard   Do.Pollard, AmosKIB on 3/6

Ordinance Department.

Ordinance Department.
10Geo Evans — Master Ord.George Evans.   Mast of OrdEvans, RobertKIB on 3/6
11S. C. Blair — AsſistantS. C. Blair   Asst.Blair, Samuel C.KIB on 3/6
12Chal. Lance — Charles Lance   "Zanco, CharlesKIB on 3/6

Artillery Company

Artillery Compy.
13W. R. Carey — Captain[torn] R. Carey   CaptainCarey, William R.KIB on 3/6
14F. W. Jackson — 1st Lieut[torn] W. Jackson   1stLieutJackson, Francis W.left before 2/4
15B. F. Fry — 2nd do[torn] F. Fry   2nd doFry, Benjamin F.survived the revolution
16Wm. Hersee — Sgt. wounded[torn] Hersee (wounded) 1 Sergt.Hersee, William D.died at the Alamo
17J. Mc. Gregor — 2nd Sgt[torn] M. Gregor   2nd doMcGregor, JohnKIB on 3/6
18J. W. Healee — 3rd do[torn] W. Heallie   3rd doHealer, John W.discharged on 2/10, survived the revolution
19J. Robertson — 4th do[torn] Robertson   4th doRobinson, J.KIB on 3/6
20P. J. Jennings — 1st Corporal[torn] J. Jennings   1st Corpl.Jennings, P.J.unknown
21Wm Lightfoot — 3rd do[torn] Lightfoot   3rd "Lightfoot, William W.voted on 2/1, discharged on 2/10, survived the revolution
22M. B. Atkinson — [torn] B. AtkinsonAtkinson, Milton B.voted on 2/1, fought at San Jacinto
23L. Boatright — [torn] BoatrightBoatright, Lewissurvived the revolution
24J. Byrnes — [torn] ByrnesByrnes, Johnvoted on 2/1, KIB on 3/6?
25J. Balentine[torn] BalentineBallentine, John J.KIB on 3/6
26R. Cockran[torn] CockranCochran, Robert E.KIB on 3/6
27P. Conrad[torn] ConradConrad, Petersurvived the revolution
28R. W. Cunningham[torn] W. CunninghamCunningham, Robert W.KIB on 3/6
29W. Leerduff[torn] LeerdoffDearduff, WilliamKIB on 3/6
30S. Damon[torn] DamonDamon, SquireKIB on 3/6
31L. Duel[torn] DustDuel, LewisKIB on 3/6
32J. L. Ewing Secty to Commd[torn] Ewing   Sec to com.Ewing, James L.KIB on 3/6
33G. Navan—Secty Enginr dept[torn] Navan   " Engineer Dept.Navan, Geraldin San Felipe before 3/24
34William Edwards —[torn].. EdwardsEdwards, Williamunknown
35C. Gaymes —[torn]mesGaymes, G.voted on 2/1
36T. Holland —[torn]Holland, TapleyKIB on 3/6
37C. Heiskell —[torn]Haskell, Charles M.KIB on 3/6
38L. Johnson —[torn]Johnson, LewisKIB on 3/6
39T. Kain —[torn]Cain, JohnKIB on 3/6
40J. Kenney —[torn]Kenney, JamesKIB on 3/6
41P. Lindley —[torn]Lindley, JonathanKIB on 3/6
42J. Lewis —[torn]Lewis, Jamesvoted on 2/1, alive as of 3/23
43A. B. Mitchell —A. B. MitchellMitchell, Napoleon B.KIB on 3/6
44M. T. Malone —W. T. MalerneMalone, William T.KIB on 3/6
45J. Northcroſs —J. NorthcrossNorthcross, JamesKIB on 3/6
46P. Pevehouse —P. PreehousePevehouse, Prestonvoted on 2/1, discharged on 2/10 survived the revolution
47J. Pevehouse —J. PreehousePevehouse, Johnvoted on 2/1, discharged on 2/13, survived the revolution
48R. Perry —R. PerryPerry, RichardsonKIB on 3/6
49J. Rutherford —J. RutherfordRutherford, JosephKIB on 3/6
50T. Ryan —T. RyanRyan, Thomasvoted on 2/1, fought at San Jacinto
51R. W. Russell —R. W. RussellRussell, Robert. W.voted on 2/1, survived the revolution
52William [torn]William SmithSmith, William H.KIB on 3/6
53C. S. SmithSmith, Charles SomersetKIB on 3/6
54R. TommelTrammel, BurkeKIB on 3/6
55F. TaylorTaylor, Felixdischarged, fought at San Jacinto
56G. TomlinsonTumlinson, George W.KIB on 3/6
57Thomas WaltersWaters, ThomasKIB on 3/6
58G. WyattWyatt, C. C.voted on 2/1
59A. WolfWolf, AnthonyKIB on 3/6
60J. BartlettBartlett, J.unknown
61S. C ConnellConnell, Sampson C.survived the revolution
62J. IngramIngram, JamesKIB on 3/6
63H. JohnstonJohnston, Harrisonvoted on 2/1
64J. WalkerWalker, Jacobunknown
65J. ShuddSheid, MansonKIB on 3/6
66J. WamullWamull, J.unknown
67W. HowardHoward, W.unknown
68D. BorneBourne, DanielKIB on 3/6

69Wm Blazebey   CaptainBlazeby, WilliamKIB on 3/6
70John Jones   1st LieutJones, JohnKIB on 3/6
71B. F. Musselman   Sergt.Musselman, Robert F.KIB on 3/6
72James Dockon   doDimkin, JamesKIB on 3/6
73R. B. MooreMoore, Robert B.KIB on 3/6
74Robt Crosser (wounded)Crossman, Robertvoted on 2/1
75Wm. SprattSpratt, WilliamKIB on 3/6
76J[?] Mo[??]Morcan, Johnvoted on 2/1, possible KIB John Morman, if not then unknown
77Saml. HollowayHolloway, SamuelKIB on 3/6
78William BellBell, Williamvoted on 2/1, survived the revolution
79J. W. GarrandGarrand, James W.KIB on 3/6?
80Stephen DennisonDenison, StephenKIB on 3/6
81W. Lynn (taken prisoner)Linn, WilliamKIB on 3/6
82W. HowellHowell, William D.KIB on 3/6
83H. J. Nelson (wounded)Nelson, GeorgeKIB on 3/6
84Richard StarrStarr, RichardKIB on 3/6
85James M.Gee (wounded)McGee, JamesKIB on 3/6
86Mills D. Andross (sick)Andross, Mills D.voted on 2/1, died at the Alamo
87Wm. Thomas (wounded)Thomas, Williamvoted on 2/1
88Wm MarshallMarshall, WilliamKIB on 3/6
89S. W. EdwardsEdwards, Samuel M.killed at Goliad on 3/27
90G. A. Fassitt   CaptainFassett, G. A.left before about 2/5
91Robt. White   LieutWhite, RobertKIB on 3/6
92Wm. A. Erwin   Sergt.Erwin, William A.discharged on 2/14, left Bexar
93Jona T. HobbsHobbs, Jonathan T.discharged on 2/14, survived the revolution
94Wm. ParksParks, WilliamKIB on 3/6
95Isaac RyanRyan, IsaacKIB on 3/6
96John PickeringPickering, Johnleft before 1/20, survived the revolution
97A. DevaultDuvalt, AndrewKIB on 3/6
98A.S. SummerlinSummerlin, A. SpainKIB on 3/6
99Tho. HendrickHendrick, Thomasdischarged on 2/14, survived the revolution
100T. HarrisHarris, Temple C.fought at San Jacinto
101Chester GorbitGorbet, Chester S.survived the revolution
102H. K. DayDay, Freeman H. K.KIB on 3/6
103G. WashingtonWashington, Georgevoted on 2/1, unknown
104   MitchellMitchell, Edwin T.KIB on 3/6
105S. SewellSewell, Marcus L.KIB on 3/6
106David DavisDavis, Daviddischarged on 2/14
107S. W. Main (in hospital)Main, George W.KIB on 3/6
108W. Walker   doWalker, AsaKIB on 3/6
109W. MazeMaze, W.unknown


This is a breakdown of the 110 men listed on Colonel Neill's muster roll.

  • 66 have been confirmed to have been killed in the battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836.
  • An additional 3 are believed to have died at the Alamo, possibly in the battle, or possibly earlier.
  • 15 are known to have left the Alamo before the battle and survived the revolution. All of them presumably left before the siege began on February 23.
  • 10 voted in the delegate election held on February 1, but their status after that is unknown.
  • 1 was discharged after voting in February; his status afterward is unknown.
  • The status of 13 are unknown following their appearance on this muster roll.
  • 2 names are unreadable because of damage to the only surviving copy they appear on.

A study of Neill's muster roll shows how freely men were moving in and out of the Texian garrison at San Antonio in early 1836. Fewer than two thirds of the men who were under Neill's command in mid-January entered the Alamo with Travis and Bowie, the others having either gone to other posts or gone back to civilian life. By the same token, of the 150 or so men who were present at the beginning of the Alamo siege, fewer than half had been in San Antonio for more than about five weeks. With a dysfunctional provisional government and a commanding general who was absent, men made their own decisions about whether their services were needed in the army and, if so, where.

By David Carson
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1Samuel M. Edwards left on the 14th, William M. W. Hart was gone before the 16th, and John Pickering left before the 20th. Neill also wrote two letters on the 14th about a significant number of departures that had either already occurred or were anticipated that would leave him with 80 men or fewer.

2James C. Neill letter to the provisional governmnet, 1/6/1836. questions this claim. The heading on the document reads like something that was written by an archivist or editor, not its creator. It lacks the signature of the preparer, the date, and a testament of its accuracy, all of which would be expected on an original muster roll. Furthermore, Neill's own name is misspelled on it three times.

4No names are indicated as such.